welcome to my website and happy to have you here! based in Amsterdam, I worked as an editor, project editor and producer for a number of international publishers. eight years ago I decided to follow my heart and became a full time visual artist.

the portfolio section shows some of my works from the present and the past; old and new, some sold and some still available. it is meant to give an overview, not a complete catalogue. my Instagram gallery is another source for my works.

my paintings are usually made with acrylics, ink, metal powders and pencil. the heavy linen is stretched on a wooden and aluminium framework so that extra framing is not necessary. smaller works vary from works on paper, photography, collages and objects.

working closely with interior designers, I also take commissions in should you want a specific size. furthermore, I am most happy to discuss possible collaborations and projects with other companies.

please enjoy your day,


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